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Since 1958, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has made pivotal investments in breakthrough technologies for national security. To both create and prevent strategic surprise within an ever-changing national security landscape, the agency seeks to engage the brightest minds and most robust ideas across different specialties, communities, and perspectives.

The agency launched DARPAConnect in late 2022 to broaden DARPA’s reach with small businesses and educational institutions. DARPAConnect breaks down barriers of entry for performers new to DARPA and the national security space.

To that end, DARPA entered into a Partnership Intermediary Agreement (PIA) with the Applied Research Institute (ARI) to facilitate the DARPAConnect program. Together with the Tougaloo College Research and Development Foundation (TCRDF), ARI facilitates pop-up events, educational opportunities, workshops, mentorship programs, this online community, and more to support people throughout their DARPA journey.

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